Overcome your Fears with Skydive San Diego and Mckinnon Surf & Sup Lessons

Whooo hoo who is ready to overcome fears of Skydiving and surfing!

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See videos below of my Bucket List Partners ~                                                                            Skydive San Diego and McKinnon Surf & Sup Lessons!

Are you scared of Skydiving? Don’t… Skydive with us over at #SkydiveSanDiego for the #BirthdayRitual. The original plan was to jump last year but due to air conditions we had to reschedule for this year! Here are my tips on overcoming fears.

The 3 Ways to accomplish FEARS from the Bucket List CoachDOWNLOAD HERE>The best things in life are on the other side of fear
(1) Journal your fears & prove to yourself that you are wrong.
(2) Create Accomplished Fear #Iamstatements,
(3) Find the will power, date your fear goals and achieve…

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Our upcoming Cancun Giveaway ~November 2018

Almost November… Who wants to come?

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As a blogger, I am super stoked to be taking this trip with my bucket list sistas.  This complimentary trip is a perk of our travel and dining club with#surfcityfooodietravel…Nothing like marking off that #Mexicobucketlist.

I have been blogging and doing my web show for awhile so why not earn more vacations. Much more to blog on and we all love taking excursions too. We have over 750 excursions in Cancun through the travel resource.   Just to name a few… Swim with the whale sharks, shopping, the world renowned swimming hole, food tours,  scuba,  underwater museum,  Maya Ruins,  ATV excursion and soo much more! Check out the video here on our Cancun giveaway. Message me at surfcityfoodies.com to get yours. The world is our playground, lets play!


The Accommodations:

Master Room
These rooms are located throughout the resort so the view from each one is equally…

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